17 September 2018

Run 157 OKTOBERFEST & BIRTHDAY BASH Joint Run with AH3 14 Oct@??:??

Run 157 Joint Run with AH3


Mark your calendar now for a great Oktoberfest themed party at Strobe My Balls' house where we not only celebrate Oktoberfest, but we also celebrate a bunch of birthdays. (yes, Harriettes, you know exactly what to wear!) The run is outside of AMS (Kockengen), but we have several people driving in case you want to catch a lift. Use facebook pages to contact WH3 or AH3 drivers.
Date: 14 October
Time: 2PM (that's 14:00)
Hare(s): Strobe My Balls
Location: Roerdomp 17, 3628 Kockengen
Bag Drop: Yes

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