14 May 2018

Run 155 - BBQ Hash @12th August@2PM (that's 14:00) [Winter Schedule already!!!] @Amerfoort Vathorst

Run 155 - BBQ Hash!

Date: 12th August
Time: 2 PM (that's 14:00)
Theme: TBA
Hare: War 'n' Piece
Location: Château du WnP

Run 154 - 8th July@4PM (that's 16:00)@Laapersveld Hilversum (Sport Park station)

Run 154 – Threesome Hash

Date:   Sunday 8th July 2018
Time:   4pm (that’s 16:00)
Cost:    €3
Hare:   No Leeway
Location:  Laapersveld, on the Laapersweg, Hilversum
Coordinates: 52° 12' 57.45" North     5° 11' 7.77" East

Bag Drop         Yes
Runners route             ± 10 km
Walkers route ± 5 km

From Amsterdam take the A1 heading East towards Hilversum, then take the A27 towards Utrecht.
Take exit 33-Hilversum.
            Continue straight onto the Oostereind
            At the roundabout take the third exit onto Soestdijkerstraatweg
            Immediately after the train line, turn left onto Laapersweg.
            After 50m park on the left side of the road.
Look for Circle.

From Utrecht take the A27 heading North towards Hilversum, the follow directions as above

Public Transport:
Take train to Hilversum Sport Park
Walk towards the rail crossing, and keeping the kiosk at your back head towards the Laapersweg. 100m walk.

Run 153 - 10 June@4PM (that's 16:00) Schaapskooi in Ede

Run 153


Date: Sunday 10th June 2018
Time: 16:00 (that’s 4PM)
Cost: € 3,00 
Hare: ‘Double Dutch’
Bag drop:   Yes   
Drink stop:  Not sure yet

Location: Edeseheide (N224) Parking area Schaapskooi (opposite Restaurant Juffrow Tok)

Coordinates: 52°02´08 N ,5° 44´09´E

By car: From Utrecht/Amsterdam/Den Hague/Amersfoort:
(A12/A1)A30  exit 2 Ede- noord
Follow N224 direction Arnhem  (east) ± 6 km
Parking area on right after open stretch of heath, opposite Juffrow Tok restaurant.

Public Transport (train):
From Ede-Wageningen station
Organise a lift from there


04 May 2018

Run 152 - Mother's Day Run@13 May@16:00 (that's 4 PM) in Dieren

Run 152 – Burgemeester Bloemersweg, Dieren

Mother's Day Run!!!

Date: Sunday 13th May 2018 (Mothersday)
Time: 4PM (16:00 hours)
Cost: € 3,00   
Hare: 'Just' Bart
Location: Burgemeester Bloemersweg, Dieren. Left turn at the end of this road and find circle after 30 meters.

Coordinates: 52º 2’ 36,16N – 6º 5’ 52,95E

Bag drop:   Yes ;   Drink stop:  Not sure yet ;
Runners route: ± 10 km ; Walkers route: ± 4 km


By car: From Utrecht:
A12 heading Arnhem up to Velperbroek crossing.
Leave the A12 heading Zutphen (A348) exit 3 of roundabout.
At the end of A348 take N348 towards Zutphen / Dieren.
Attention: after 2 roundabouts (roads under construction) take 1st railwaycrossing (left).
After railwaycrossing take 1st road left (after Fire-brigate station) this is the Burgemeester Bloemersweg. End of road left. (find circle).

From Amsterdam: take A1 heading East towards Amersfoort , than take A30 to A12, than take A12 to Arnhem to Velperbroek crossing. Then follow directions “Utrecht”.

From The Hague: take A12 heading East toward Utrecht and follow directions “Utrecht”.

Public Transport (train):
From Arnhem Centraal station:
Intercity  15.11 hours spoor (=platform) 3 to Dieren (arr. 15.23)
Dieren train station: Take Fly-over to North side of Dieren .
Walk the Koningin Julianlaan to Buitensingel.
Turn left to Harderwijkerweg (10 meters). Take oposite street (Burgemeester Bloemersweg) between Eetcafe “Schilderij” en Fire brigade station.
Left turn at the end of this road and find circle after 30 meters.


12 April 2018

Marathon Training – Nonhash (no beer) @Sunday 22nd April 2018 at 2PM (14:00)

Marathon Training – Nonhash run

Date:    Sunday 22nd April 2018
Time:    2pm (that’s 1400)
Cost:    €8
Host:    No Leeway
Location:  Hessenweg 83-20, 6741JP Lunteren.
See Directions for more information.
Maplink: https://goo.gl/RDoRLf

This is not a normal hash event! This is a 30km marathon training run!
There will be a bag drop at my house. There will be beer and pasta after the run.
Runners are to be fully self supported – there is no trail laid, and no drink stops!
Carry all hydration and food needs.

Runners can download the trail route for use on their phones or other devices.
For Android I recommend PinRoute for following a saved trail live. Others also recommend Galileo. Use whatever app you are comfortable with and trust.
I will distribute paper maps on the day.

Bag Drop    Yes
Drink stop    No
Runners route     ± 30 km
Walkers route     No

From Amsterdam take the A1 heading East towards Amersfoort, then take the A30 towards Lunteren.
Take exit 4-Scherpenzeel.
    At the roundabout, turn Left onto Scherpenzeelseweg N802,
    Continue for 2 km (straight ahead at traffic lights and first roundabout)
    After 2 km turn right at the roundabout onto Lunterseweg
    Continue for 3km.
    At the roundabout turn left onto Meulunterseweg
    After 1km turn right onto Hessenweg.*
    You will see the lookout tower on your left at the top of the hill (500m)
    Continue past the tower another 300, past the Goudsberg Camping entrance.
    Turn Right at the Goudsberg Bungalow Park entrance.
    Turn Left by the letterboxes. Look for parking after 50m.
    Follow flour/chalk to number 20.

From Utrecht take the A12 heading East towards Ede, then take the A30 towards Lunteren
Take exit 3-Lunteren.
Turn Right onto Postweg.
    After 1km turn left onto the Postweg (this then becomes Dorpstraat).
    Continue through Lunteren for 1.5km
At the roundabout turn left onto Meulunterseweg   
*Now follow directions as above