02 April 2018

Run 151 - Chili & Some Assembly Required@8 April@14:00 (that's 2PM)@Amersfoort Vathorst railway station

Date: Sunday 8 April
Time: 14:00 (that's 2PM)
Hare:  War 'n' Piece & Shockingly Easy

Hashing in Amersfoort! With special Beer Stop!! (Some assembly required)

On-After for Chili at War & Piece and Shockingly Easy's house.

Usual run fee of e3 + e5 for on-after.

We will meet at the train-station parking lot on the backside of the train-station, directly reachable from track 3! No need to come to my house first, bag transport to be supplied!!

On On

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