06 March 2017

Run 138 - Den Treek 12 March@2 PM (that's 14:00)

Run 138 – Den Treek
Date:      Sunday 12th March 2017
Time:      2pm (that’s 1400)
Cost:       €3
Hare:      Rusty Pipe
Location:  Den Treek "Treekerpunt" carpark

Directions: At the lights on the N227 (about halfway between A12 and A27) near Pannenkoekenhuis Bergzicht turn Eastwards and follow the road for about 500m. There is a Parking and OnIn LHS.

(((Address to use for Google Maps/TomTom close to Meeting Point (when having difficulty):
Pannenkoekenhuis Bergzicht, Doornseweg 23 3931 MH Woudenberg)))

On After: (optional) Pancake restaurant 'Bergzicht'

Pick-up: if you let us know asap, we could arrange a pick up from train station Maarn...
Cock of the North 06-28425277
Rusty Pipe 06-22470137

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