26 January 2014

Run 101!!! Red Dress Run on SUNDAY 9 March 2 pm!!! (14:00!!!!)

This Run follows the SATURDAY Run as Part of the run 100/101 celebration weekend!

Run 101 – Red Dress Run

For who is not familiar with the tradition of running a Red Dress Run: we will ALL be wearing a Red Dress!! This is no joke!! If you do not believe we will actually all be running in a Red Dress, browse "Red Dress Run" and see for yourself! It is a fine and longstanding Hash tradition!

Date:       Sunday 9th March 2014
Time:      2 pm (that is 1400) **Usual time WINTER Time Schedule**
Red Dress Run (for Charity)
Cost:       TBA
Hare:      Cock of the North
Location:  Parking along the Niemijerstraat, Wageningen
Coordinates:      51.963291°,  5.663152°

On After: no ideas for the On After... decide in Wageningen on the spot (pizza, pancakes, curry, greek, chinese, “egyptian”)

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