06 August 2013

Run 94 8 Sept 16:00

Date: Sunday 8 September

Time: 16:00
Hare: Five Pack (thanks)
Location: Beatrix Theater entrance at Jaarbeursplein, Utrecht

Directions: the Jaarbeursplein is right next to Utrecht Centraal Station... you will find it!

Easiest/best way to reach is by public transport. Parking is pricey and reaching Jaarbeursplein by car is difficult (esp. now with road works).

For cars, here is a map with the boring info below it:

Point A is where we meet. Jaarbeursplein outside theatre / eet-café / near the Jaarbeurstraverse (escalators) to and from station

But due to parking restrictions and roadworks, [we suggest but up to you guys]: 
Point B is entrance for cars into Groenmarktstraat - where we can park; e.g. at end like last time.
- easy access - free parking I think 
- circle at corner of Groenmarktstraat and Fruitstraat OR - the much prettier Veilinghavenskade.
- (when walking from Jaarberusplein of course you just come off Croeselaan into Fruitstraaat/Groenmarktstraat - 8-9 minutes)
- suggest this for bag drop and either part of run or start of run.

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